Friday, 5. August 2011
this was peacecamp 2011 - Nikolett Polácska from the Hungarian delegation

This was peacecamp for me

It is hard to put into words how many experiences and memories we got in peacecamp.
It started, when we got off our bus in Vienaâ019s airport, and Ronny welcomed us in our names. For me it meant a lot, and we felt that the camp has already started. After we met the other delegations, we went to Reibers by bus. During the travelling we had already had conversation with people from other nationalities. The atmosphere was quite good!
We learnt everybody â019s name so fast with a little pronounce mistake :) First, we created a logo for our T-shirts, which would be a very good memory. The first large group was strange for me at first, but I think this was one of the most important programmes during the ten days. We got to know more about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, facts and history. There were lots of emotions, pain and maybe anger. Despite this, I have to mention I liked so much that the end of every conversation these two groups shook hands,hug each other and went on like friends. This act reflects their real personality.
The national evenings shown 4 countriesâ019 traditions in funny ways. Everyone wanted to learn foreign languages, and during it we had lots of fun! We could taste pieces of national food, and we also learnt songs and dances, and we still remember for that! :) I will never forget the morning meditations, when we tried to rest the previous night. After we got to know each other better and better, we wanted to spend more time together. The Viena trip was a good possibility to spend almost a whole day together. In the afternoon we had a show, where we danced, sang and watched a video about the camp. We enjoyed so much the last days together.
After about a month from peacecamp, we are in contact with each other, and we are planning the next time when we will meet.
So, thank you that I could participate in this camp, I havenâ019t met so many interesting people from other countries before. I am sure I will never forget them and this camp!

                                                                               Nikolett Polácska, from the Hungarian delegation