Meet Friederike Scharf - Historian and Coordinator of the Austrian group

My name is Friederike SCHARF. I am teaching French and History at the Akademisches Gymnasium since 1979.
I have two sons, 18 and 21 years old. I am interested in arts, theater and movie. I like to have walks with my dog and to meet friends. I like meeting peoples from other cultures, so I have Iranian, Israeli, French and Turkish friends.
I was really impressed when I heard of the Peace camps initiative from Evelyn Böhmer- Laufer. That´s why I am very happy to have the possibility to participate this year again with some pupils, as I did last year already.

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Meet Markus Priller who carries the past into the present to safeguard a peaceful future

My name is Markus Priller and this is my first time participating in the peace camp. I was born in Switzerland and grew up in South Tirol, Italy, where after several decades of struggle, three different language groups now live together peacfully. I studied history and film science, focusing my studies on the National Socialism in Austria and Europe. After a short career as a scientist I realised that I prefer working with people and began conducting peace projects in both Austria and abroad. I am very much looking forward to meeting you all and being part of the great peace camp experience.

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Meet Ilan - a one-eyed visionary of peace

Dear Peace Campers,

My name is Ilan Baruch and I am a personal friend of Evelyn and Ronny. Born in Israel I am a first generation. My parents arrived in Jerusalem after fleeing Nazi Germany. I was born a year after the birth of the State of Israel. In my military service I was a tank platoon commander. I was involved in combat and took injury. After completing my university studies I joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where I served for more than 36 years. I recently resigned, after serving as Ambassador of Israel in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana. In the course of my diplomatic service I was extensively involved with the Oslo Peace Process and other aspects of Peace Initiatives in the Middle East. I am married, father to two daughters and a son, grandfather to a three year old girl.

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history4 peace on peacecamp

Dear participants

You were asked to prepare a few topic for the history-workshops and to present them as a group.

Your presentations should be short and concise, and allow discussion and dialogue.

I would be happy if you could present your contributions in form of “poster sessions”: each group should exhibit one or more poster(s) to outline their topic, explain their posters shortly, and answer questions.

It would be very helpful if you could prepare your posters at home and bring them ready to the peacecamp. .

Thank you for preparing this for us.

Kind regards from Vienna

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