Sunday, 21. August 2011

Dear all,

This is my wish, this year. (Next year it may be different)

Every time PCI gives a show away as a freebie to schools it costs us $3,000 (sound/light, transportation, staff). So far the line-up is for 4 performances:
500 ARAB youngsters will see the show in SHFAR-AM in September.
500 JEWISH youngsters will see the show in NETANYA in November.

We have findings from 4 different research agencies that seeing the play, and the modeling of the young leaders DOES change attitudes - it was our only real "raison d'etre". (I am attaching a PDF of the most recent executive summary in English, from 2010)

We are still missing some of the money to make this happen ; we could do even MORE with more help from your friends.
"How to contribute:

Melisse a.k.a. Lisi
P.S. Today I am 58 years old

If you always do
what you always did
you'll always get
what you always got"
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