Sunday, 7. August 2011
This was peacecamp 2011 - Isabella Messinger, member of the Austrian delegation

When Riki told us about the peacecamp taking place at Reibers during ten days in July, I was inter-ested but not sure to aim my participation. Finally, I decided to participate.
When I arrived at the Airport I tried to welcome everyone. However, I liked the feeling in the bus, the atmosphere of singing, talking and getting closer to each other. I wanted that the bus ride never ends, because I was afraid of the camp, reasoned by Riki’s statement about the bad food, her characterisation of the hostel and so on.
After the arrival I observed and discovered that altogether for me rooms, meals, and all around the camp were not conform to her daunting description.
I enjoyed the whole program, the meditation, the daily Mandala, the large group, the lessons with the artists, and the history lessons. The idea of the cultural evenings is great! Due to the fact you get to know the other culture better and come closer to the other one.
The show for peace in Reibers and in Vienna was also great, because we could show what we have done in those 10 days to the invited people.
I think the Hungarians, the Israelis and the Palestinians enjoyed the day in Vienna, though there were many discussions, because the one wanted to see something of Vienna and the others wanted to do some shopping.
I loved the trip to the Czech Border. It was interesting what the Israelis and Palestinians thought before: there would be a barbed wire fence, but without watch towers and security checks. In fact there are only boundary stones, which mark the border between Austria and the Czech Republic.
At the border Sahawa, a participant from the Austrian delegation, told us about the Iron Curtain and I think it was interesting for the Israeli and the Palestinian delegations to hear that there has been also a barbed wire fence at the border with watch towers and that the inhabitants could remove such a border and could reach that there is peace between those countries.
The peacecamp was one of my best experiences in my life.