Tuesday, 30. August 2011
this was peacecamp 2011 - Amir Adar, Jewish delegation

This was peace camp/Amir Adar

Peace camp was for me more than good experience, even more than outstanding experience - it was a very important lesson for me and for my life.
I chose to do not focus on the fun and the great social experience (that was speechless) I had in this camp, I chose to focus on the lesson I had. The lesson I had, was a lesson about people and about human nature.
The first thing I have learnt is that even people are very different, and even if they have different cultures, and they do not speak the same language, and even if they hate each other, after all, they are human beings! And all the human being are very similar, because they are all human beings; and to be a human being means to be good, to want peace and quiet, even if some times there are thousands of black layers that do not let the human being and to anybody else to see the light that exist inside.
The second thing I learnt in the peace camp was that any one could take those layers off! I am not enough naïve to say that this action of taking those layers off will take the same efforts from everyone, but I enough believe in the human race to say that there is no one who can not take those layers off (even if sometimes there are people who has a lot of them).
And to the question what was peace camp? I can answer that it was an experience that let me say the thing I said.