Monday, 22. August 2011
this was peacecamp 2011 - Anne-Sophie Rauch, Austrian delegation

I really don‘t know what to write. It‘s so hard to put those amazing days into words.
The peacecamp has always its own spirit and there is always the great feeling of being connected to each other. You can‘t describe it to someone who has not made this experience. After the peacecamp I just talked and I‘m still talking about the peacecamp, getting on everybody‘s nerves with my peacecamp stories.
The peacecamp started at the airport and ended there. But between those days many, many, many things happened. At first everyone was a bit shy but over the next days we got to know each other and each others culture. I really love all of the culture evenings because it is a great ability to learn about other cultures. I‘m singing the songs I‘ve learned all the time and I‘m still able to dance the dances we learned.
What I really liked this year was the history session because it was well organised by Markus and Ilan. Thank you to them :) I‘m also a fan of the large group because I think it‘s important for everyone to say what he or she thinks.
But the most important thing is that we all found out that the others are not that different. We are all teenagers with the same problems and hopes and dreams.
Maybe this camp helped the Israeli and the Arabs to find a way to live together. Because I believe that everyone is able to change the world a little bit and together even more.
Thank you to everyone who has participated: teachers, students and artists And above all thank you to Evelyn and Ronny who organised the whole camp for nearly 10 years and who were always there for us.
Thank you.
Anne-Sophie Rauch=