Friday, 29. April 2011
Meet Angelika Kisser-Maayan and David Maayan - creativity-and-fun experts

Hi, my name is Angelika Kisser-Maayan, I come from Austria and I am married to an Israeli, David - you will meet him, too. We have two children, and for the moment we live in Vienna. I am a theater artist and drama therapist, I work with people of all ages, colours and religions, often in different languages, and sometimes even without language.
I believe, that we learn from everyone, and every meeting is important. Many of my pupils were important teachers for me. I am looking forward to meeting all of you, and to starting to create together. See you soon!

Salam, Shalom, Ahoi, Servus, and Hi, I am David Maayan. I was born in Israel and I am married to an Austrian. I am a theater artist and director, and I create, teach and direct here in Europe and in Israel. I enjoy creating theater full of surprises and originality. I also like to invite people to places made especially for them, to gather people, to meet and to
pass each other stories, jokes, food, songs, knowledge and friendship.
I am looking forward to meeting you all !