Monday, 2. May 2011
Meet Yap Sun Sun - creativity-and-fun expert

Dear Peace Campers, my name is Yap Sun Sun .Yap is my family name, my family came from China originally and we are known as the Hakka, which means "Guest People", because the tribe had to migrate many times from central China to other parts due to many wars.
I have never been in a war myself but somehow all the traveling done by my ancestors must have stayed in my blood. I have travelled much and now here I am in Austria.
I work and live in Austria together with my son, Apollo and his dad, Andi. I can't really believe that it has been almost ten years since I came to Austria and that it would already be the second Peace camp I am attending, even though the Peace camp last year is still so fresh in my mind. I still keep up with the young people from last year via FB!
I am really looking forward to meet you all and share some creative time together!
See ya! Sun Sun