Sunday, 8. May 2011
Meet Walter - creativity-and-fun expert

My name is Walter Mathes, my wife Jella is born in Vienna, her parents Gisela and Peter in germany formerly known as GDR, my mother Margarethe is born in Austria two years before it became a part of Nazi germany, my father Michael - he is a member of the german- speaking minority in Transsylvania - was born in a region of Romania that was once in the Austrian-Hungarian empire and afterwards for some years hungarian then romanian; I was born in Upper Austria – exactly in the middle between Munich and Vienna - I live in Vienna with my wife and our daughter Mareta (15) and our son Ben (8). I work as comics- artist, actor and art-therapist wherever, whenever you want. It’s my second PEACECAMP and I’m looking foreward to meet all of you to laugh and play and cook and eat and cry together