Monday, 13. June 2011
Meet Ilan - a one-eyed visionary of peace

Dear Peace Campers,

My name is Ilan Baruch and I am a personal friend of Evelyn and Ronny. Born in Israel I am a first generation. My parents arrived in Jerusalem after fleeing Nazi Germany. I was born a year after the birth of the State of Israel. In my military service I was a tank platoon commander. I was involved in combat and took injury. After completing my university studies I joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where I served for more than 36 years. I recently resigned, after serving as Ambassador of Israel in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana. In the course of my diplomatic service I was extensively involved with the Oslo Peace Process and other aspects of Peace Initiatives in the Middle East. I am married, father to two daughters and a son, grandfather to a three year old girl.